Ucan Overview

In 2011, Culturecom Holdings Limited publicly announced the development of Ucan.com with co-founder Jay Chou, one of Asia’s most famous music and movie stars. With a keen interest in the project, he became a shareholder as well as the Global Cultural Ambassador of Ucan.com.

With IBM’s technology forte, the objective can be achieved through integrating three of our platforms: CloudCity, Apps City and Web City.

As IBM once said, “Let’s build a smarter planet”. Ucan holds a similar ideal which is to shape Hong Kong into ahub of creativity, with the first step to target both the offline and online digital industry.

Ucan Cloud City is a virtual-reality social gaming platform where users can interact and share with one another in an online city environment. This social game runs on a social networking platform with key features such as social music and social shopping.

Ucan Cloud City is made up of three core components which distinguish it from other virtual-reality platforms.First is the inclusion of Culturecom’s best-selling comic books and their trademark characters. Second is the collaboration of Asian superstar, Jay Chou. Finally, Ucan takes advantage of our acquisition of cloud computing technology and the unique Kalloc Studios engine specifically designed for the creation of MMORPG worlds. An engine of this calibration allows us to create stunning visuals, state-of-the-art game-play and a completely unique virtual environment.

Ucan Apps City’s virtual experience will be a reflection of real life. We will provide users with instructions on how to build their own businesses and subsequently open a virtual store. With our technological assistance,users can showcase their products and brands in a virtual international marketplace. Casual users can participate in a variety of activities ranging from spontaneous virtual shopping to playing interactive games with their peers.

Ucan Web City is an online shopping platform offering niche merchandises at special rates. Upon entering any of these virtual stores the users becomes immersed with highly vivid interfaces, leaving them spellbound and fascinated.

Every day in Ucan, it holds new challenges and opportunities.

Ucan does not only blur the boundaries of the real and the virtual, it also extends the boundaries of conventional business models to the digital medium. By creating this virtual-reality social gaming platform, we aim to capitalize on untapped potential in the digital world.

Ucan thinks big. By using each platform to target different devices, it also expands our scope of audience. On the whole, Ucan is targeting the digital world. This converges our resources to serve our different business initiatives more effectively and efficiently.

The game will be launched in three formats: mobile app, web browser and PC desktop versions. This multi-platform model will allow users to log in anywhere, anytime and with any device. This move will give birth to new online communities, enabling offline activities to take place on our cloud platform.

This is Ucan.